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Material intelligent management and control system

Meiya Material Intelligent Control System

Through MES material packaging information system, warehouse material unique code information system,
Three systems of placement machine programming & material scanning system realize intelligent control of materials

Meiya Material Intelligent Control System

Original electronic packaging

  • Package angle

    Different materials have different packaging angles
  • FEEDER width

    Different material widths, different selected FEEDER
  • Material image

    The shape of the material is different, and the identification and positioning image parameters are different
  • Material step

    Different material packaging components have different feeder steps

Meiya Material Intelligent Control System

Accurately control FUJI placement machine to automatically switch material information through three material systems to achieve intelligent management and control

When switching between different suppliers of the same material

  • 免检验 The warehouse material unique code information system is exempt from inspection
  • 免停机 No downtime for MES material packaging information system
  • FUJI placement machine programming
    免修改 & Error-proof traceability system free of modification

Four major parameter quality events of SMT materials

SMT material full process inspection workload

Manual modification of the four major parameters of SMT materials

Four parameters of SMT material shutdown when switching

DMS function Meiya material intelligent management and control system

Treasury material unique code information system
Mandatory inspection
Reliable data
Enable inspection-free mode to automatically register material information to the error prevention system
Enable mandatory inspection mode,
Lock the item
Material management and control risk reminder
Employees verify the actual parameters of materials and maintain the mes parameters
The technician unlocks the material after checking the correctness of the procedure
AVL material is not AVL material
FUJI placement machine programming
Error-proof traceability system

Warehouse material unique code information system-each roll of materials is assigned a unique barcode (unique code) when entering the warehouse, and records its corresponding material code, supplier code, material quantity and other information in the MES system.

Mounter programming & material scanning system-MES-based material packaging information automatically creates material placement information. The unchecked materials are temporarily disabled, and after the on-site confirmation checks their 4 parameters, the material patch information is automatically created based on the MES-maintained material information and the material is released for production.

MES material packaging information system-This system stores the packaging information of each supplier of each material, such as Feida size, material angle, material step, etc., and has a check mark (indicating whether the record information is reliable, If it is reliable, it means that the information is completely correct; otherwise, it means that it needs to check) and AVL material mark ("Yes" means that the materials provided by different suppliers of the material are not completely consistent, "No" means that all suppliers of the material provide complete materials Consistent.)

Prompt two inspection modes: exempt inspection and strong inspection:
● After the first inspection of any material, the follow-up inspection-free mode will be implemented; ● The material of any supplier enters the production system for the first time, and the mandatory inspection mode will be enabled.

Customized MES error-proof system

Error-proof premise: Because FUJI ’s Feeder has a unique code (FeederID), when it is inserted into the machine, Meyer tools can obtain the FeederID through the MES Interface. Check the material table, if it is correct, let Feeder continue to produce, otherwise, the Feeder will be disabled. In addition, each feeder (more than two generations) has a metal feed sensor, which can be used to prevent wrong feed.

Error-proof logic: MES error-proof based on the material table of the program, the materials on the feeder, and the limited conditions of the MES.

Error-proof process: The scanning system needs to scan the Feeder barcode (FeederID) and material code (FeederID) to realize error-proof feeding. When receiving the material midway, a metal receiving belt is used and scanning is performed. The unscanned material will stop feeding at the metal receiving belt sensor.

FUJI's machine is very advanced, and its interface development requires developers to have professional FUJI equipment experience. In order to speed up the implementation progress of Industry 4.0 for customers, Mayer has launched a customized MES error prevention system according to its own strength.