"Beauty" in Rongcheng, brilliant

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On November 7-9, 2018, Meiya and the industry's cutting-edge technology solutions appeared at Chengdu NEPCON West China Electronics Design and Manufacturing Week, successfully demonstrating its strong strength at an important base in the western electronic information industry.


Although the temperature dropped sharply during the exhibition, it did not lower the enthusiasm of Western Electronic Man to explore production equipment technology. ATS 3030 模组化泛用插件机 更是吸引了不少观众驻足并被纷纷称赞。 Among them, the ATS 3030 modular universal plug-in machine of the independent brand equipment of Meiya has attracted many audiences to stop and was praised.


It is worth mentioning that Mr. Zhang Yongtai, deputy general manager of Meiya Automation Division, published in the "NEPCON West China Electronic Design and Manufacturing Week and Step by Step New Technology Seminar" entitled "Internet + Era of Industry 4.0-Automation Solution The "Proposal and New Management Technology" speech focused on the current hot areas in the western region, such as smart factory applications and automation technology under the new form, and analyzed the frontiers of industry development with the audience, and the atmosphere was lively.



The western region is ushering in an important opportunity for a major adjustment of the electronics industry, and the industry is developing rapidly. Maya is honored to take this opportunity to meet the elites in Rongcheng, we will meet again next year!


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