Good news again! Meiya won 4 awards

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The twenty-ninth China International Electronic Production Equipment and Microelectronics Industry Exhibition (NEPCON China 2019) was successfully concluded at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall not long ago. This long-established industry exchange platform brings together more than 500 brands from the electronics manufacturing industry. The exhibition area not only covers SMT surface mount, welding and dispensing spray, test and measurement, electronic materials, electronic micro-assembly and SiP process, but also more intelligent The factory and automation technology have attracted more than 30,000 professional visitors.


At this annual carnival in the electronics manufacturing industry, Meiya ’s automation solutions left a deep impression and unique experience on the audience. Cutting-edge technology and standards not only surprised many customers, but also attracted many media to compete for interviews.


In addition to being interviewed, Meiya's automation equipment has also won four industry awards. At the grand awarding ceremony held by "SMT China Surface Assembly Technology" and "EM Asia", Meiya's fully automatic online laser splitter won the "SMT China Vision Excellence Award" and "EM Asia Innovation Award-Manufacturing Automation System / Tools" "Separator machine category", automatic tin soldering machine won the "SMT China Vision Award" and "EM Asia Innovation Award-Welding System Rework / Rework Equipment Category".

It is reported that the only certified international selection activity in China's SMT surface assembly industry-the "SMT China Vision Award" selection is designed to recognize the outstanding products of the surface assembly industry in China's electronics manufacturing field. The "EM Asia Innovation Award" selection is one of the most influential activities in the Asian industry, and it is intended to recognize outstanding enterprises that have contributed to the development and technological innovation of Asian electronics manufacturing.



The three-day Nepcon China 2019 came to an end, and the honors it has received are in the past. Looking to the future, Meiya will continue to forge ahead on the road of intelligent industrial automation and contribute to the development of the industry.

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